Below are a number of links related to Whitlock Martial Arts-

WMA is a proud member of PUMA. Chaired by Mr Whitlocks instructor Master Ray Gayle 8th degree. WMA students regularly attend PUMA competitions, seminars, course etc.

WMA and PUMA are members of the International Taekwon-Do Federation. A worldwide organisation promoting traditional Taekwon-Do and providing the biggest and best competitions globally.

Phil and Mike Whitlock produce their own podcast. Check it out the here!

SFS Sponsor Mr. Whitlock. They have the biggest and best kickboxing shows in the UK.

True Warrior is one of Mr Whitlock’s kit sponsors. True warrior have a fantastic range of doboks, sparring equipment and casual wear. Check out the link for details

Mr Whitlock is a very active competitior on both the Taekwon-Do and kickboxing circuits. Click the link to get the latest information the shows and competitions that he is fighting at.

Along with the amount of training and competing Mr Whitlock undertajes he has a host of people looking after different aspects of my training. I rely a lot on Chris Kay at Bristol Physiotherapy. Who does a great job keeping him on the mats and in the ring and is thoroughly recommended.