Over the last week and a half both the Little PUMA’s graded, and a number of juniors and adults graded under Senior Master Gayle.

The juniors and adults were fantastic as normal, we didn’t have too many students going in for the grading this time. We pride ourselves on our standards. If Mr Whitlock does not think you’re ready top grade, he won’t put you in, hence our very high pass rate.

It was a particularly testing day for Mr Whitlock, who had squad training in the morning, then left early to get to the Yate grading, then onto to teach normal Sunday classes, and then went onto the Bath grading where the ‘Carter Clan’ graded in the evening, even after Jim and Clare ran a 10k race in the morning! The testing day as made a lot easier by everyone’s great performances and more importantly, everyones great attitudes!

The week after it was the Little PUMA’s turn, and they did not disappoint. The examiners were Mr Michael Whitlock and Miss Aniko Heredi, both of the England team. The 4-6 yrs old elevated their performances to well above the required standard. Showing great, punches, kicks, blocks, attitudes and courtesy.

Now it’s all over.. for another 3 months then back to it again. In the meantime we have 3 black stripes preparing for their (and WMA’s) first black belt gradings!.. scary stuff!
lp grading apr '15

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