Last night 3 juniors accompanied Mr Whitlock to our monthly visit at ‘Link Club’, a club for adults with learning disabilities. Because of the community centre being used as a polling station for the general election, we did not have our normal space upstairs. So we improvised, pushed some chairs to the side and opened with a demonstration. The 3 juniors performed patterns, pad work and sparring for the club members. They showed great courage and confidence getting up infant of everyone and showing them what they were made of; and they executed it beautifully.

We opened the forum with some pad work, although a bit shy this week a number of people got up and tried their go on the pads. Our trip is aimed at fun, and some light fitness. We I think we achieved. I have already had feed back from the organisers saying they were very impressed with our display and were looking forward to seeing us again next month.

A massive thank you to the juniors and parents that gave up an hour of their time to put some smiles on faces. A lot of martial arts schools talk about philosophy and giving back, but only some do. I’m very pleased to say we’re on the ‘do’ list. Well done team. Same again next month!

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